Family & Parenting Psychology


Relationships are everything. Family offers our first lesson in how to foster connections with others and how to maintain relationships throughout life. 

Happy parents have happy kids.

Megan offers parenting support based on evidence-based interventions to improve the happiness of the entire home.

Positive parenting interventions are offered with an emphasis on self-compassion, mindfulness connection, the establishment of healthy boundaries to teach limit setting, active listening, healthy communication, gratitude and forgiveness. Identifying character strengths are core to a strength-based parenting approach and form the basis of Megan’s work helping families thrive.

Further information about positive parenting interventions can be accessed via the Positive Parenting Program (currently free for Victorians due to the COVID-19 pandemic) and The Strength Switch (book) by Lea Waters.

If your family is experiencing high levels of conflict or has complex needs, Megan will discuss alternative options for support.

Please contact Megan to discuss the needs of your family.

Megan is passionate about helping families with;

  • Strengthening relationships and bonds
  • Enhancing communication
  • Identifying character strengths
  • Challenges as opportunities to learn and grow

Please contact Megan or your trusted health professional to discuss further.

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