It’s okay not to be okay.

And it’s okay to ask for help.

Why see a psychologist?

Psychologists specialise in helping people overcome emotional difficulties. It is normal to experience a range of positive emotions such as happiness, joy and love as well as negative emotions such as sadness, pain and loss. At different times in our lives, our experience of these emotions can vary intensity and our experience often depends on different situations we find ourselves in as well as how we perceive these situations.

For example, Year 12 students commonly feel particularly nervous during exam periods and often this stress subsides once exams have passed. If however, you were to notice that once a stressor has passed that you continue to experience symptoms that are beyond your normal such as disrupted sleep, physical symptoms of stress such as excessive sweating, racing heart or intrusive negative thoughts then seeing a psychologist could be helpful for you.

Psychologists non-judgementally listen to worries and strive to offer useful insights to help people overcome their emotional issues. Often people hope that psychologists will help them get back to their normal, however psychologists believe that people have the potential to grow and transform through challenges into someone stronger and wiser than before their difficulties began.

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